Mobile legends

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Easy,competitive and addictive!

What is mobile legends? 

It's basically (MOBA) an online battle arena game developed by moontoon based in Malaysia for both Android and ios devices. It was launched globally since 2016 which a massive growing community since then and amazingly its still growing till now in 2023.

How to play?

It comprises of 2 teams, 5 players on each side having differently roles both with the same objective of defending their towers and core and trying hard as ever to destroy the other Tema core. Each team comprises of a fighter, mage, marksman, tank and assassin with a nest set of skills and pretty good graphics. A match is up to about 10 to 15 minutes of pure adrenaline and power.

How popular is it?

Jus on the first year of launching it gained 500 million downloads.

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