A_Super_Funny_Suspense_Comedy call jumbie in the house


Published  2 years ago

Jumbie in the house is a Funny,Suspense,Comedy. Whereby kevin and his lil sis jasmin was sent out to get some stuff from the shop and was given strict rules by their mom to go to the shop and return right back . But on our way we both came in contact whit with a sex-worker asking kevin if hes working but is lil sis was so obedient to her mom she answered the sex worker by telling her that her brother is not working and we have to go home . Latter on that same night kevin was told not to leave his house to go to any Halloween party but being disobedient he still left his mother house and never returned until 02:00pm. on his return he came in contact whit a dead bride sitting in his mother chair. His lil sis came and catch him talking to himself and questioned him about leaving the house and returning very late also who hes talking to . He then ask his sis who is the pretty young lady sitting in the chair !! But his sis didnt saw any one in the chair .he then tell his sis that their is a young lady sitting in the chair with a white wedding dress, but still jasmine didnt see anyone in the chair Kevin get frightened and started to call for him mom etc.