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Matrixshopping teaching Guyana how to make money online.


Published  2 years ago

🇬🇾 I see alot of persons with comments about why not post the price. So let me break it down and give you the other side of the coin.

1) 1️⃣8️⃣6️⃣ comments tells Facebook this post is not boring and puts it in more persons news feeds. If persons do not comment or like a post facebook see the post as boring and stop showing persons your item.

2) we get to sell more products to you in case you are not interested one item we can send a picture of another item. It’s called a UP SALE.

3) Once buyer and seller connects on facebook they can message each other and they instantly get the message. 📲 The seller can message a new and exciting product next 2 months and you will get the message instantly. you would have a better chance selling the new product to a customer who already message in or bought a item already than post back onto facebook hoping to get a sale.

4) Big companies 📊 use the same stragery with emails. Enter your email for a discount. Then they send you emails. Collect a million emails and 1 email to one million persons. Open rate 100,000 persons open and read the email. About 5,000 to 10,000 persons buy. Your profit is 5usd dollars on each person. You just easily made $25,000 - $50,000 usd.🎉 Did you know they have software where as you can use in messenger to broadcast 1 message to ever one in your inbox. Let’s say you messaged about 10,000 persons over the months using this same stragery of not posting price. You sent a broadcast message to all 10,000 persons about a item. The open rate for messenger is high. It’s about 95 percent. That means 9,500 persons just seen your product you’re selling. If you get 10 percent of the 9,500 to buy which is 950 customers and let’s say you made $2,000gy profit from each person. That is 1.9M dollars you just made from not posting the price and collecting DM’s.

5) Check the Matrixshopping page, we post price sometimes. But a more effective way is telling the customer click on the link for the price. The reason is, when the customers click on the link for that one item. They will navigate and see more items causing a better chance of getting the sale. 🗺

They have many strategies you can use. If you want to learn more and start making money online. Just download the matrixshopping app then DM me and I will teach you how.


Do you know how Facebook makes its money? Facebook gives us all these free tools to use but facebook makes its money from you paying them to advertise your product. They just recently rolled out the feature where you can pay them to boost the item your selling in market place. Before they did not have that option it was only business pages can pay Facebook to advertise. Now a regular account can pay Facebook in market place.

Facebook collects the most data from all of us. After you sell a product have you ever seen Facebook asking if the product was sold. Why do you think they want to know that? Because if you tell them, yes.....

When a advertiser pays to advertise his product, who do you think Facebook will target first. If you guess the customers who you bought things, then you are 100 percent right. Facebook has to keep the advertisers happy by getting them sales putting the item or service in front the right person to buy. Hope you understand now why we are not posting price.

You can tell me your strategy you have used to make millions of dollars in sales.💰