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How to Profit From Massive Inflation Ahead | Jason Hartman Explains Building Wealth During Inflation


Published  2 years ago

Jason Hartman explains how to profit from the massive inflation ahead that will result from the government’s plan to inflate away the national debt.
0:00 Introduction
3:54 Cantillion effect
5:00 Massive money printing in 2020
8:34 6 ways government can get out of debt
14:02 Real vs nominal inflation
15:10 Inflation transfers wealth to borrowers
17:35 Good debt vs bad debt
19:22 Ways government manipulates inflation numbers
21:36 Why government lies about inflation
23:08 Velocity of money argument
26:39 Using debt to create wealth
33:19 Leverage multiplies returns
34:36 Interest rates are lowest in 5,000 years
36:08 Investing vs. speculating
39:35 Governments will try to inflate away debt

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