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Coronavirus Origins: Finally Getting Some Clarity


Published  2 years ago

Fifteen months ago, a group of Chinese scientists, working on the ground at the scene of the outbreak of a brand new virus, came to the conclusion that the novel coronavirus probably escaped from a government lab in Wuhan. They said so in the clearest possible terms. This struck us as an amazing and important story, and also by the way, completely plausible. We expected a flurry of media interest in it. Where did this virus come from? That seemed worth knowing as people were dying of it. But no one asked. Instead, there was silence, punctuated only by occasional smirking about anti-Asian racism and conspiracy theories.
That’s where it stood for more than a year, until just a few weeks ago. Then suddenly, for reasons we still don’t really understand, all the smirking morons in the American news media changed their view completely, overnight. Of course corona escaped from a Chinese virology lab. Duh. Did you really think it came from the wet market? Come on. That was the new consensus. An avalanche of evidence followed. The Wall Street journal confirmed that the first corona victims seem to have been researchers working with bat viruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Buzzfeed then obtained thousands of emails showing that Tony Fauci knew from the beginning that Covid may have been manufactured in China in dangerous experiments he helped pay for. The lab leak theory, it turns out, was never crazy. It was always likely true.
So why did they lie to us about it?